We are delighted to announce a new and exciting innovative collaboration, One Essex. We have been working together to establish a voluntary & community sector infrastructure delivery vehicle that builds on the reputation and success of local placed based assets and partnerships.

Through this coordinated approach, One Essex aims to reach the whole county, deliver quality, and empower communities across Essex to have a say on the community they live in. To improve their well-being, to realise and develop their strengths and tackle social detriments. The partnership’s aim is to bring together the organisations and groups to better support our people and communities whilst encompassing other evolving and growing partnerships.

But we need your feedback. We would love to hear your views and ideas on how together we can shape our objectives to ‘level up’ Essex, enabling every community across the county to have the same opportunities to thrive. A partnership that will bring together and harness strengths and resources for the benefit of Essex and its people.

The broader mission of One Essex is to develop a unique collaborative provider ecosystem – with the voluntary sector at its heart – that brings in Integrated Care Boards, District and Borough Council strategic partnerships, health Alliances and community Assembly colleagues. To build a county for everyone, which celebrates diversity, inclusion and enables people to fulfil their potential and achieve an excellent quality of life.

Comprised of trusted local providers with both sub-regional and county-wide reach, One Essex is committed to developing strategic system working and capacity building that enables the voluntary sector and communities to thrive. Each partner brings a history of effective and productive collaboration, engagement and diverse voice, ensuring seamless transitions from planning to execution.

One Essex partners are now inviting stakeholders, community groups, and other interested parties to join in and help shape our collective objectives for the future.

Further information and updates on One Essex will be released in the coming weeks, so look out for opportunities to engage and collaborate in this pioneering initiative.

In the meantime, if you would like to get in touch please email info@1Essex.org.uk or information@community360.org.uk