Webinar: social media for charities 101 – Charity Digital

Webinar: social media for charities 101 – Charity Digital
12th January 2022 c360admin

Social media marketing sounds like it should be easy. But it rarely ends up being that way. For charities, it can often feel like it isn’t worth investing your time and money, but with more than half the world’s population using social media daily, it’s almost impossible to ignore.

In our upcoming webinar, we aim to make things easier. Nick Wyatt, Charity Digital Growth Marketing Executive, aims to help your charity start their social media marketing journey, examining how social media can improve fundraising, service delivery, and so much more.

The webinar will cover, among many other things, the different platforms you should be using, the various advantages and disadvantages of each platform, how to pick the platform that best meets your audience’s needs, and how to make the right content or the right platform.

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