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Have you ever stopped and looked at your volunteer demographics and wondered how to increase the diversity of your volunteer base? A diverse volunteer base can do wonders for everyone, such as a broader set of experiences, skills and ideas for you to call upon as an organisation, and better visibility and input in the community. This 2-hour online course looks at the advantages of, how to attract and how to keep a more diverse volunteer base.  



  • Know what is meant by ‘diversity’ 
  • Identify the advantages of attracting a more diverse volunteer base 
  • Know the channels to use to attract diverse volunteers 
  • Understand and apply the use of inclusive language in promotional content 
  • Knowing about making adjustments to the recruitment process 
  • Understand how to retain your diverse volunteer base 

Course Location

ONLINE with Tina Bullen

Location Notes

About the Trainer

With 15 years teaching experience in both the private and public sector, Tina Bullen is a strong and fully qualified educator. Tina has a very wide range of experience and knowledge, having worked with just about every type of learner that exists in the workplace, Further Education and Higher Education.

Her subject specialisms include educational theory and English language.

5 October 2021
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm



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