ONLINE Finance Made Easy


This two hour online course is designed for new treasurers, general trustees and management committee members or staff who work in smaller organisations to understand the basics of how to manage the finances within a voluntary or community organisation. It covers the essential issues ranging from drawing up a budget to ensuring that the organisation has sound financial procedures.

What We’ll Cover

· Components of good financial management

· How to draw up a budget and monitor this throughout the year

· Understanding some of the simpler financial terms

· How to develop and monitor a cash flow forecast

· Full cost recovery

· Developing simple but effective financial procedures

· Typical financial issues that occur in voluntary organisations.

Benefits to You

· Helps participants understand their financial responsibilities as treasurers, trustees or management committee members

· Introduces a number of good practices in managing finances which can be done simply and without too much paperwork

· Ensures participants understand how to draw up a simple budget and cash flow forecast

· Ensures participants understand a few of the technical issues of managing finance such as “restricted” and “unrestricted” funding, “revenue” and “capital” income and expenditure.

Course Location

ONLINE with Robin Hodgkinson

Location Notes

About the Trainer

Robin is a qualified tutor who has been developing and delivering training courses in the voluntary sector for over two decades, covering VCS organisational and personnel management, personal skills and trustee board training.

Robin is a much respected and very popular tutor with a longstanding relationship with Community360. 

27 April 2021
10:00 am - 12:00 pm



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