ONLINE Brunch with Bridget – part of Community Connects June 2021

Everything you ever wanted to know about funding but were afraid to ask!

Why not start your week with a bang?

Join our resident Funding Adviser, Bridget Tighe, for an informal get together over Teams to talk funding. You might:

· Be mulling over putting in a funding bid but wondering whether your project meets the criteria

· Considering how to set out the monitoring aspect of a funding bid

· Never have put in a funding bid before and wanting to find out how it’s done

· Have written a funding bid but not sure whether to press send

Bridget likes nothing better than to share her know how so if perchance the conversation veers off into how to set up a charity, carrying out an organisational health check or even what are the basic policies your organisation needs in place that’s all to the better!

About the Trainer

Bridget has been working for 17 years in funding advice.

Here at C360, she organises the Fundraising Network Group which has enabled her to build up good working relationships with the local funders.

She has been a member on a variety of funding panels so she knows what the funders are looking for and what makes an ideal funding bid.

Course Location

ONLINE with Bridget Tighe

Location Notes

About the Trainer

Bridget is an experienced funding advisor. She has helped kick-start grass roots organisations through her knowledge of charitable structures, policy and procedures and funding streams.

14 June 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm



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