The Sustainable Communities Act: Free Training

The Sustainable Communities Act: Free Training
10th July 2014 CCVS Admin

The Sustainable Communities Act is an exciting law that puts local people and local councils at the heart of driving government action in their local area.   The Act intends to help communities manage issues at a local level and change things for the better. You an use the Act to propose changes to improve the economic, social or environmental well-being of your neighbourhood, including participation in civic or political activity in order to change for the better the environment in which people live. 

Colchester Council have successfully used the Sustainable Communities Act to help stop the spread and clustering of betting shops which has become an acute problem on many high streets. This submission was made to central government with the support of over 60 councils and was approved by in April 2014.

If you would like to learn about the Sustainable Communities Act and explore ways it could help your community Local Works can offer free presentations, workshops and advice.  To find out more please contact:  Ameneh Enayat, or call 0207 278 4443.

Local Works is a coalition of over 120 national community organisations who came together and campaigned for the Sustainable Communities Act.