The Suffolk and North East Essex Digital Health and Care Survey

The Suffolk and North East Essex Digital Health and Care Survey
19th August 2020 c360admin

Health Watch are seeking to gather feedback from the public and also local NHS and care workforce about the use of digital services (e.g. online consultations with clinicians, remote triage or visiting etc). The aim is to understand how the significant increase in the use of technology during the pandemic has impacted upon people’s experiences of receiving, or providing, both NHS or social care.



They are particularly keen to hear from people who may find it difficult to access online services, or who may be digitally excluded so that we can find out what is needed to help people access care or support. They would also appreciate any support to reach BAME communities and people for whom English is not their first language.


There is an opportunity for people to sign-up to participate in co-production of a second phase of this research that will explore people’s experiences in more depth. This second phase will be informed by people’s responses to this initial survey.


The pandemic has accelerated the use of digital service offers, which has been viewed as a positive development for people needing to access care or advice at this time. In many cases, these new ways of working will be here to stay, so we need to make sure they will work for those who need to access them now and in the future. The survey, which has been commissioned by the SNEE ICS, is an opportunity for our local health and care system to reflect upon this and to take forward any learning into future digital strategies and practice across services.

They would be incredibly grateful for any support from system leaders to distribute this survey widely across the ICS footprint and to encourage responses from both the public and also NHS or social care staff. Please contact if you have any questions about this work or call 01449 703949 to speak with a member of the team.