The Eden Project Communities Big Lunch

The Eden Project Communities Big Lunch
4th May 2021 c360admin

The Big Lunch is about celebrating community connections and getting to know one another a little better. This year, there are more reasons than ever to get together as The Big Lunch kicks off a summer of community, friendship and fun with a truly moveable feast!

Teaming up with good causes across the UK to celebrate summer 2021 with a whole #MonthOfCommunity. This year, you can join in with a Big Lunch when it works for you and your community, whether that’s to say cheers to volunteers, connect with your neighbours or simply to say thank you.

The Month of Community runs right through June and into early July. Volunteers’ Week, The Big Lunch weekend and Neighbourhood Watch Week are early in the month, with Carers Week, Loneliness Awareness Week, Small Charities Week, Refugee Week, The Great Get Together and Thank You Day all following.

The Big Lunch will kick off on its usual weekend of the 5-6 June but this year people are encouraged to hold Big Lunches either on that weekend or in support of these events across the summer – so you can pick your own big date to celebrate and hold a Big Lunch when it works best for you.

  • Volunteers Week 1-7 June
  • The Big Lunch from 5 June
  • Neighbourhood Watch Week 5-11 June
  • Carers Week 7-13 June
  • Loneliness Awareness Week 14-18 June
  • Refugee Week 14-20 June
  • Small Charity Week 14-19 June
  • The Great Get Together 18-20 June
  • National Picnic week 19-27 June
  • National Cream Tea Day 25 June
  • Thank You Day 4 July

The Eden Project would love to collaborate with you to amplify all these amazing causes and events to get more people involved and build that sense of community as the nation starts to open back up. Their aim is to bring people together to reconnect, celebrate what’s local and help bolster the recovery effort with something that touches everyone.

Click here for your Community Partner Pack  : Month-of-Community-All-Partner-Pack.pdf (8 downloads)