Social media as an early warning system for the NHS : Predict, prevent, protect

Social media as an early warning system for the NHS : Predict, prevent, protect
2nd December 2021 c360admin

Adverse reactions are a serious matter high on the public agenda. Concerns over vaccine safety continue to reduce trust and risk impacting current and future national immunisation strategies.  In this webinar, you will hear from one of the leading data scientists at the Business and Local Gov. Data Research Centre who is applying novel analytics to improve drug and vaccine safety.

Is the current Yellow Card Scheme fit for purpose and could social media be used as an early warning system?

This webinar will demonstrate how you can benefit from this organic evolution of data and how it is opening a new world of information for the NHS.  Plus, find out how you can access fully funded data analytics delivered by the Centre’s data scientists.

If you face a challenge, have an idea for a research project or are using data, this webinar will not only provide ideas on how you can use novel data techniques to improve health but will provide direct access to the experts that can make it happen.

This webinar is delivered in partnership with the University of East Anglia and brings together the brightest minds in data research to address the key issues faced by healthcare today as well as the opportunities to harness the full potential of AI, machine learning and more.

Case studies Case study 1: adverse reactions (statistics, pictures, NLP and the personal story behind each experience)

Case study 2: unproven treatments – protecting the public.

Case study 3: reducing the delay in NICE guidelines updates – supporting innovation

Case study 4: mental health or suicide prediction? detecting suicidality on Twitter - catching someone before they fall

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