Business bank

Business Bank

Community360 Business Bank brings local community organisations and businesses together to provide share their expertise

Community groups are able to access invaluable professional advice or practical help from more than 50 businesses. In return, businesses are able to gain experience working with charitable partners. 

  • For charities, it enables them to learn more about the services local businesses have to offer and to access expert support such as: H.R, marketing, legal services, accountancy, design, construction, etc.
  • For businesses, it provides an opportunity to support charities and groups in their local community, raise awareness of their services, develop new business opportunities and build partnerships with other organisations.

Exchanges can take place at any time during the year but regular networking meetings are held to bring partners together.  

Once paired, businesses and community groups may choose to work in partnership, share resources, donate support or time, offer discounted rates or simply agree to provide a ‘paid for’ service.

The following are just a few examples of the wide range of expertise which has been offered by previously:

  •  IT/web services
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Workplace health support
  • Tax advice
  • Support for people with substance misuse issues
  • Legal services
  • Accountancy
  • Advocacy support

To get involved you simply need to register your needs or expertise with Community360.  The Business Bank team will then contact pre-registered partners to match you up.

A change of circumstances

When the PCT changed to the CCG some years ago, Beacon House took on the responsibility for paying for some services that had previously been provided. We inherited the contract for clinical waste service, and found the process to be cumbersome and not suited to the needs of a small primary healthcare centre. At a Business Bank meeting I was approached by someone from Sterling Washroom Services, who are based in Braintree. Within a week, we had been visited and all our washroom and waste services had been assessed. They now provide us with a cheaper, more efficient and responsive service, and have contributed to our aim of providing a quality service to the town’s most vulnerable people.