School Readiness

School Readiness
23rd July 2021 c360admin


Are your children starting school for the first time this September?

We understand that this can be a happy but stressful time for parents as you make sure your child is prepared and ready to begin school. We want to try and take some of the stress away by sharing some key tips and resources to help you be prepared.

EFSS Top Tip for getting your children school ready – try making a checklist you’re your child of things they will need before staring school as well as what that will need to have each morning. This can be a great way to make sure you child has everything they need before heading off to school each day and help them gain more responsibilities and improve their confidence.

Pacey have a wide range of resources that offer support for parents on how to get their children school ready as well as lots of other useful information.

Oxford Owl have a wide range of tips and resources to make sure your child is prepared to start school this September. They have information on how to support your child’s independence, how to build up your child’s social skills and lots more. 

BBC Bitesize have a made a list of their 8 top tips for getting children back to school ready. Why not check out their site to see their handy tips  –


We all know how important nutrition is to our health and for our children. This can sometimes be a tricky subject. Let’s try to making things a little more fun for them to get involved with their own nutrition!

Eat a Rainbow every day is such a great way to let our children learn more about healthy foods by associating them with all the colours of the rainbow.

There is also a great nutrition lesson on YouTube which focuses on the Eat the Rainbow! Explaining to children the importance of eating their fruit and veg and the benefits to their health,

Why not get our children more involved if we can? There are so many places around Essex where we can take our children to pick their own fruit or veg. This can be a fun and exciting activity for children and they get to see where some of the food they eat actually comes from.

If you would like to take your children to pick their own fruit you are in luck!

We have add a couple of our top picks below –

Colchester –

Maldon –

Hatfield Broad Oak –