Safe to Play is coming to Essex

Safe to Play is coming to Essex
16th June 2022 c360admin


Every child and young person has the right to have fun and enjoy taking part in activities, without the risk of being harmed or abused. Active Essex and the Essex Safeguarding Children’s Board, in partnership with the National Child Safeguarding Charity are introducing ‘Safe to Play’; a new innovative safeguarding in sport campaign, across the county.

Sport and physical activities often place individuals in a position of significant influence over other people. A high level of trust is placed on such individuals by parents, carers and the participants themselves. In most cases, that level of trust is more than repaid through the commitment, dedication and selflessness of people involved in organising and delivering sports and activities, but occasionally that trust can be abused. All organisations and individuals involved in sport should be aware of the risks and act promptly to deal with any concern.

Here in Essex, we strive to make sure that every child has a positive experience when participating in sport, physical and extra-curricular activities. Everyone has a role to play in keeping others safe and people should know how to spot the signs of child exploitation and what to do if they have any concerns. Safeguarding must remain a priority for all those who run, book, manage and oversee sports and extra-curricular clubs and activities.

To launch ‘Safe to Play’, we will be hosting two training sessions, specifically for providers to introduce the campaign, as well as providing guidance on spotting the signs of grooming behaviour and where you can go for support in Essex. To sign up visit: