Rainbow Services – Better Divorce Course

Rainbow Services – Better Divorce Course
26th November 2020 c360admin


What is the Better Divorce Course?

Divorce and Separation can adversely impact on your own wellbeing as well as that of your children. We know most people’s lives are likely to be better, particularly children’s, if parents can get through a separation or divorce with minimal conflict.

The Better Divorce Course is a FREE course designed with the purpose of helping you to achieve a “better divorce” than you would if you were not on the course. The course will create an environment for you to plan how to:

  • Transition to a life which comes after divorce/separation
  • Do what is best for any children in your family
  • Reduce the emotional and financial cost of the divorce/separation process

 Read more here: Better-Divorce-Course-referral-sheet-November-20-v2.docx (15 downloads)