Patient & Public Involvement with EEAST

Patient & Public Involvement with EEAST
29th April 2021 c360admin

East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust – (EEAST) are preparing to create a new plan; a plan for how this Ambulance Service opens up to ALL of the public – and they need the public to be involved.

As part of delivering their Corporate Strategy, they recognise that they need to broaden a dialogue with the fullest-possible cross-section of the East of England population, with the aim of “co-producing” the enabling strategy for Patient & Public Involvement with EEAST.


EEAST are planning a series of workshop events online soon, to give you the opportunity to directly participate in the very first conversations about what their topic priorities should be, what issues YOU think are the urgent and important ones.


These will be run on Teams and Zoom, depending upon preferences, and are likely to last between one and two hours. (That depends – in the ethos of co-production – on the feedback we receive).


Please email Adrian England if you would be interested in taking part, or can help to publicise the relevant local sessions


Please register for free “ticket” 



Our plan is to start with some region-wide workshops and then localise and specialise, in order to reach less-often-heard voices.


Tues, 27th April 2.30pm        

Thurs, 29th April 2pm            

Tues, 4th May 2pm                 

Weds, 5th May 10am             


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