One Colchester Resilience Fund – 2019/20

One Colchester Resilience Fund – 2019/20
18th November 2019 c360admin
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About the fund

The purpose of the One Colchester Resilience Fund is to provide additional capacity to voluntary and community groups support at risk groups, residents and projects that can begin to help local people during the Winter period.  You may be responding to seasonal pressures, such as an increase in demand.  You may offer new ideas about how to tackle entrenched issues in your community that can affect how individuals can be resilient in the face of challenge.

All projects must offer a solution that reflect the livewell campaign.  Livewell was originally developed in Braintree District but has been adopted by local authorities across Essex to ‘engage communities, families and individuals with the aim of providing information about all that is on offer in Essex to improve health and wellbeing’.[1]  The North East Essex Health and Wellbeing Alliance has adopted the livewell campaign and its six key themes:

  • Start Well Giving children the best start in life
  • Feel Well – Supporting mental wellbeing
  • Be Well – Empowering adults to be active and make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Age Well – Supporting people to live safely and independently as they grow older
  • Stay Well – Supporting adults with health or care concerns to access support and maintain healthy, productive and fulfilling lives
  • Die Well – Giving individuals nearing end of life choice around their care

Applicants can support more than one leaf with their project.

This funding opportunity is designed to facilitate partnership working.

We are focused on outcomes and welcome applications from organisations able to demonstrate the effective change the funding can offer to their clients/service users.

One Colchester is the strategic partnership for Colchester.  Formed in 2014, the group aims to bring together voluntary, public and commercial partners to collaborate on projects which affect residents accessing local services.

The panel will include representatives from the voluntary and public sectors to assess applications on an ongoing basis and respond quickly to submissions.

The fund will be open to applications in Autumn 2019 and will be a rolling application process with a deadline on 29th February 2020.  Bids will be accepted from individual voluntary groups and/or clusters of organisations.  The panel is encouraging partners to consider working together to tackle these issues.

We anticipate that individual awards will range between £2,500-4,000.  However, projects exceeding £4,000 will be considered.


Applicants must define their own outcomes to reflect how they will encourage resilience in local communities.  They must be able to demonstrate how they support the aims of staying warm, well or connected.

Who Can Apply

The grant fund invites applications from not for profit organisations and public sector partnerships such as:

  • Registered voluntary and charitable organisations (including Local Delivery groups of schools with charitable status)
  • Community groups
  • Tenants and residents groups
  • District, parish and town councils
  • Faith groups
  • Housing associations (not for profit only)
  • Most sports organisations (voluntary and charity only)
  • Private clubs (voluntary and charity only)
  • Most co-operatives and social enterprises (provided profits are retained for the benefit of the members or community served)
  • Mutuals
  • Community interest companies
  • Not for profit trade associations
  • Partnerships of community focussed organisations

Decision Making

Successful projects will contribute to, and be able to demonstrate their impact against, one or more outcomes and should be evidence based.

All activity must take place in Colchester.

It is recognised that the evidence base around some areas may be limited.  Partners are encouraged to use the local, county and national data that is available to them, drawing on data from local partners.  For example, projects may use information from or evidence-based publications.  In June, Community Assets in Colchester 2019 was published.  Please consult the report for information about community strengths and needs (

Projects should not duplicate or compete with existing activity but can enhance existing activity.  They must also provide:

  • Demonstration of need
  • Earliest mobilisation date
  • Ability to impact on the outcomes listed
  • Potential impact within the community (including working in partnership where applicable)
  • Demonstrate how you aim to implement effective and realistic project milestones
  • Value for Money and sustainability

Funding will be released upon receipt of a signed offer letter. Unless otherwise stated within the funding agreement, grants must be spent and monitoring returned within the timetable outlined above.

Monitoring and evaluation

Successful applications will be required to complete the monitoring and evaluation form (to be issued upon successful award of funds).  The form must contain evidence of success achieved against the outcomes, lessons learnt and the legacy of the project.

[1] (29 May 2019)