14th October 2021 c360admin

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Supporting local charities to fundraise safely and responsibly


Heather McLoughlin, Policy Development Officer at the Fundraising Regulator, looks at how local infrastructure organisations can help support charities in their area to fundraise safely and responsibly.


The Government’s announcement of COVID-19 restrictions easing across England on 19 July came as a welcome relief to many charities and community organisations. As a local infrastructure body, you will have seen first-hand the impacts that social distancing and other measures have had on the charities you support. This includes reducing the ability to generate income from fundraising methods that involve engaging with the public.

As charities have a duty of care to the people they interact with, whether it’s volunteers or donors, caution should still be every charity’s watchword as restrictions ease. It’s still a sensitive time to engage in public fundraising, so it’s important that local charities understand their responsibilities, to help maintain trust and confidence in fundraising.


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