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Love Essex
17th February 2021 c360admin

Around half of our household rubbish is currently being sent to landfill. This untreated waste releases harmful gases, which are a major factor in global warming. Not only that, but landfill is also an expensive means of waste disposal, with landfill tax charged on every tonne which is disposed of in this way. In 2012, Essex County Council paid over £19.56 million in landfill tax, with this figure set to rise considerably over the coming years.

Clearly, landfill is not sustainable, which is why we need to explore alternative means of waste disposal. This is where the waste strategy comes in. Known officially as the Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy, this sets out the key objectives and targets for the management of household waste and any other waste that is collected for treatment and disposal. The following are just some of the measures we will undertake:

Households in Essex are currently recycling and composting over 52% of waste. Measures to help achieve this include increasing the number of materials which can be accepted by kerbside collections and at recycling centres, and the recovery of recyclable materials at a new waste treatment facility.

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