Green Doctor Newsletter July Edition

Green Doctor Newsletter July Edition
22nd July 2021 c360admin



 Help our Green Doctors prepare the UK for the winter ahead by referring your service users for a free telephone or in-home consultation with one of our energy experts.

Green Doctors are here to help all year round, but the summer months are a great time to access support as the service is less busy. It might not feel high on the priority list right now, but getting your clients ready for the winter ahead helps reduce the stress of the changing seasons. Likewise, for your clients with energy debt from last winter, Green Doctors might be able to help reduce what is owed, alleviating financial pressure during the summer months too.


During the energy consultation, Green Doctors will advise your clients about saving energy, installing energy efficiency measures, switching energy suppliers, accessing grants and changing tariffs. Read about how we helped Grace reduce the anxiety around her bills.

Case studies


  • Identified her to be eligible for a grant which our Green Doctors referred her to, this grant is to upgrade her inefficient electric storage heaters to a 1st time gas central heating system (boilers, radiators). This will help keep her home warmer while reducing her utility bills.


  • Assisted in installing smart PPM meters to make it easier for the residents in topping up and monitoring their energy usage, assisted in setting up a payment plan with Affinity Water to pay back debt as well as putting them on a social water tariff which reduced their water utility bill.


Council tenants with electric storage heaters, but had no understanding of how to use them or correctly setting their economy 7 water tank timer leading them to use both during peak hours rather than their cheaper rate at night. Thus, educated them in using both, so this should significantly reduce their electrical bills going forward. Also showed them how to set their washing machine to run at night during their off-peak rate.

Training Sessions

Groundwork East continue to offer training to help professionals working with vulnerable residents through our Fuel Poverty Awareness and Prevention training sessions. These sessions give staff the necessary knowledge to assist those that might be living in, or at risk of living in, fuel poverty. The training is free for any frontline staff.

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