Foster Carer’s Newsletter | COVID-19 update

Foster Carer’s Newsletter | COVID-19 update
10th November 2020 c360admin

Essex has been involved in national briefings and will continue to be involved in these. At this stage it is apparent that, although many aspects of this lockdown will mirror those which applied in the spring, there will also be some important differences:

  • Schools, colleges, universities and early years education settings will remain open.
  • Current arrangements for children’s services and social care employees who need to meet families and individuals for meetings face to face will also continue.
  • We have been told that childcare arrangements in the home can continue and tradespeople will still be able to visit your home.

Essex children’s services will be meeting over the next few days to discuss the implications of this lockdown all key elements of our work and to develop arrangements that may need to be put in place; for example, regarding children’s contact with their birth families.