Families with Complex Needs Workshop

Families with Complex Needs Workshop
12th October 2012 CCVS Admin

Thursday 25th October

10 am – 12.30 pm

Greenstead Community Centre, Hawthorn Avenue, Colchester, CO4 3QE

 WEwill be hosting a workshop for voluntary and community organisations working with families with complex needs.

The workshop is designed to:

  • Introduce organisations to LIFE – a new project to support families with complex needs inColchester
  • Discuss the needs of families which require multiple interventions
  • Exchange information about different services and network
  • Establish mechanisms to maintain effective communication about and between new and existing projects
  • Inform and receive feedback from organisations about a mapping survey (see below for further information) of the work of organisations supporting families with complex needs.

If you would like to attend this workshop, please respond to this email by Friday 19th October to book your place.  There are limited spaces so we must request that organisations only nominate a maximum of two attendees and book their places in advance.

Mapping Survey – In June 2012, CCVS conducted a mapping survey of voluntary and community groups operating inColchester.  This survey included questions relating to working with families with complex needs.  Having reviewed the responses, we will be producing two reports, one discussing the voluntary and community sector as a whole, the other focusing in on support organisations working with families with complex needs.  The report will showcase their work and their their skills and will review how they work.  To supplement the information already gathered, CCVS staff will be contacting organisations over the next two weeks by telephone to ask additional questions relating to working practices.  These questions will further demonstrate the different ways of working and value of organisations working in this area, as well as informing us of what supports they need to conduct their work and how the statutory sector can help and support this resource.

If you have any questions about either the workshop or the survey, please contact CCVS at cdp@ccvs.org