Essex County Council – Testing Update

Essex County Council – Testing Update
13th October 2021 c360admin

Over the last 12 months Essex County Council have set up testing centres across Essex and worked with libraries so that residents can collect free self-test kits from local libraries.

Understanding that not everyone is comfortable with testing or uploading results, but self-testing is one way for us all to keep everyone that little bit safer.


They have had some comments on their posts, and wish to try and clear a few things up.

Answers below


Why are we testing?

🅰️ Testing gives us reassurance that we will not pass on Covid-19 to friends, family, and those we have close contact with.


Why do we need to upload negative results?

🅰️ Reporting self-test results will help to give the NHS a better understanding of the spread of Covid-19 and so that children can continue to go to school, and for us all spend time with our family and friends.


Will schools continue to supply self-test kits?

🅰️ Yes, but if this changes, we’ll share online and on social media.


Why do I need to self-test if I’ve been double jabbed?

🅰️ Once vaccinated, you can still catch Covid-19, but symptoms will be reduced. By self-testing regularly, we make sure we don’t pass Covid-19 on to others.


Are pharmacies still giving out free self-test kits?

🅰️ Yes, but you will need to take a collect code with you. You can get that here:


Is it true that we’re going to have to pay for self-test kits?

🅰️ We haven’t been told this, but if this changes, we’ll share online and on social media.


Why am I being advised to still wear a face mask?

🅰️ Whilst there are people that have been vaccinated, there are some that have not and there are many vulnerable people in our communities. Wearing a face mask in public spaces is an effective way to control the spread of the virus.