ECC – The Braintree Teams are Moving!

ECC – The Braintree Teams are Moving!
5th July 2019 c360admin

The Assessment & Intervention Teams and Family Support and Protection Teams in Braintree are moving to E3 Zone County Hall, Duke Street, Chelmsford CM1 1QH on 15th July 2019. They will be joining the Children in Care Teams who made the move last year.


What will be the advantages of this?


  • This will bring all the Mid frontline teams together under one roof which will promote more consistent and joined up practice, develop more effective duty systems and allow us to share resources across the teams.
  • It will enable the Braintree teams to access management and resource panels without the need to travel and enable stronger relationships to be built across a wide range of partners and wider services.
  • It will be easier to ensure that workloads are spread more equitably across the various teams and services, reducing geographical constrictions.

What will stay the same?

  • The emphasis of working with families within their homes will remain as before and we will continue to utilise local resources in the area such as the Halstead Resource Centre and Braintree Library.
  • We will continue to ensure that families are able to access resources such as the Mid Family Centre and that they are supported with appropriate travel arrangements.
  • Children and Families will still have access to the conference room at Causeway House so the impact on families should be minimised.
  • We will ensure that the burden of travelling is borne by Children and Families and the impact on our partner agencies is kept to a minimum.
  • All telephone numbers and contact details except the address will remain the same.

Please contact Russell Coward, Service Manager FS&P Mid – or Ahana Kalluri, Service Manager A&I Mid for any further information.