Early Years Families Research

Early Years Families Research
7th October 2021 c360admin

The Research and Citizen Insight team at Essex County Council are currently in the process of recruiting families from low-income backgrounds to take part in a study which explores the lived experience of Early Years’ service users.

The project will be a longitudinal piece which will track the experience of several families with children 0-2 years. The team are hoping to recruit a range of participants including single parent families, SEND needs and families from ethnic minority groups.

An external provider, Revealing Reality  have been commissioned the delivery of this research. They are looking to recruit families by attending online and/or in person groups and are looking to get in touch with any charities and/or faith groups operating in Braintree and Colchester areas who work with families/families with young children (0-2 years).

These services can range from mother and baby groups to provision such as food banks, support groups etc.

Please click for the recruitment flyer which provides some details about the research and recruitment process : EarlyYearsFamilies_Recruitment-Poster-Final.pdf (11 downloads)