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Dear Community

I know that these have been the most worrying and unprecedented times for us all.  As a System Leader I didn’t foresee in my lifetime needing to make such difficult and, at times, possibly life changing decisions that may affect my organisation and the wider workforce and community which my wonderful team continues to support and serve. The last 7 Months have been hugely challenging, but also rewarding seeing communities pull together and the generosity and selflessness of individuals giving up their time to help those who are the most vulnerable.

Whilst we are ensuring that we take full direction from the Government and will act accordingly, keeping everyone safe, we are still delivering a changing service and responding to the needs of a diverse population, including the worried well.

We will, through our joined up Strategic partnership of One Colchester, work closely with all partners to ensure that we continue to deliver, albeit a changed service, supporting those who need it most.

As we move into a high level of awareness around Covid-19, we continue to adapt our roles and redesign our services, to ensure we continue to be ready to act.  While we are heeding advice to stop gatherings, working from home where feasible and conducting phone meetings, we are also conscious that there are vulnerable people in our community who still require all of our support and that includes the voluntary sector organisations we serve.  Our 900 local volunteers continue to be a huge support when required, thank you.

As you will appreciate this is a very moveable feast, but we continue to communicate daily with our workforce, voluntary sector and wider stakeholders to any changes to the current working arrangements.

Our Weekly C360 News has been used as a platform to provide up to date information and support networks which we hope you have found useful.

It is important that the members attend their therapy and health appointments.  We will continue to provide this service where possible as well as supporting the hospital with discharge and wrapped around befriending support. It is also important that our wonderful proactive groups continue to work together in a co-ordinated effort to get the best use of what will become sparse resources.

We have been busy co-ordinating the recruitment, training and deployment of more new volunteers who wish to help and will continue to provide transport, medication, shopping and many other services you may identify.  This will be needed even more during the colder winter months and I can assure you that via our ‘winter resilience’ campaign that the vulnerable and those who need support will receive this through our services.

There has never been a time when charities were more needed. We, like so many across the sector, are affected by the Covid-19 crisis, meeting greater demand for all of our services.

While frontline charities are responding on the ground to the challenges Covid-19 has raised, we are working behind the scenes to support you all, helping the sector adapt and survive for the future. With new data being produced this will help to inform our understanding of this crisis: in the short, medium and long term.

Please also be assured that I will be working with commissioners on your behalf to ensure that monitoring and measurement of predicted outcomes are changed as we step up and out in a needs based way dependant on the requirements we are faced with each day. We have a critical role to play in helping the wider population to meet the potential crisis, but we will need support, communication and engagement to do so effectively.  C360 will be here to ensure this stays front and centre of funding conversations.  Do let me know how I can help your individual organisation to meet the future financial challenges it may face.

As we now move into not just a potential 2nd wave of the Covid pandemic, but added complications of winter pressures, we must ensure that we attend our therapy appointments including flu jab days, and if you are worried then do call 111 first, or any of our social prescribing team and they will ensure you are linked into the correct service and supports you require.

Finally, it would be remiss not to mention how brilliantly everybody has responded to the pandemic – our staff, our supporters, our volunteers, our partners. We all have a part to play in supporting the national effort at the present time.

Stay connected, safe and well and keep an eye on these updates.  Do not ever feel isolated, we are here for you.

Tracy Rudling



Risk Assessment Coronavirus

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