Community360 obtain Trademark for My Social PrescriptionTM

Community360 obtain Trademark for My Social PrescriptionTM
5th August 2019 c360admin

Community360 are delighted to announce that they have been successful in trademarking My Social PrescriptionTM(MSP).

Since its launch Community360 has integrated social prescribing into medical centres in Colchester, commissioned by the CCG. They also work in collaboration with Anglia Community Enterprise (ACE).

My Social PrescriptionTMis about the ongoing social and community issues affecting citizens. C360 accept referrals direct from residents through the One Colchester Hub, through outreach and through events. They also accept referrals from GPs. However, The My Social PrescriptionTM model encourages and provides support for individuals before they see their GP.  Examples of support include transport, carers support, mental health and reducing social isolation.  At one Medical Centre, Parsons Heath they offer outreach services, information and training to staff.  This has resulted in hundreds of patient conversations which have in turn have improved the health and wellbeing of patients, reduced demand on clinical services and improved patient experience.  In 2018-19, Community360 received 2025 referrals through My Social PrescriptionTM.

Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE) Community Interest Company provides a range of community health and well-being services in North East Essex.  In May 2017, Community360 introduced My Social PrescriptionTMto ACE by seconding staff into their Integrated Care teams across North East Essex.

Social Prescribers are co-located in ACE’s offices, join in team meetings and develop referral routes linked to the existing systems.  Social Prescribers are able to learn more about the complexities of the work undertaken by the community based clinical teams, some of who specialise in services such as stroke rehabilitation or speech therapy, whilst others are linked to GP practices across North East Essex.  Over the last two years, the teams have developed together and work closely, collaborating on patient cases, which were sometimes complex. The MSP team also jointly attend and support patients at groups, such as Clacton Leg Club, develop support services (including transportation to therapy centres) and facilitate ACE volunteer recruitment.

Tracy Rudling, CEO at Community360 said: “We are absolutely delighted that we have been awarded a Trademark in respect of My Social PrescriptionTM. It has and will continue to be a much-needed service across the county.”


Photo Shows left right: Jackie Fairweather and Tracy Fortescue – Community360