Community360 are soaring to new heights

Community360 are soaring to new heights
4th October 2018 c360admin


On Saturday 15th September four members of C360 staff were joined by friends and family to complete a sponsored tandem skydive at UK Parachuting, Beccles Heliport. The 10 brave individuals jumped from a plane 13,000ft in the air, reaching speeds of 120mph, descending 5,000ft in around 40 seconds.

Together they have raised over £1,800 and are still continuing to gain sponsorship, all of which will be added to a Community Chest for the voluntary and community sector as part of Community360 50th Anniversary pledges.


Brandon turned 16 on the day and to celebrate this milestone birthday he decided to take on the challenge alongside his mum and dad in aid of a good cause.

 “Skydiving is like nothing else. The whole experience literally flies by in seconds before you even have time to register what you are doing. When you are free falling you have the biggest adrenaline rush of your life. It’s not until the parachute opens that you are able to regain focus and realise how high up you are. I can’t think of a better way to spend your 16th birthday and cannot wait to go back next year!”


Picture: Brandon during free fall


Samuel, Sponsored Skydiver:

The trust you put in your instructor is insane considering you have only just met them. I was extremely nervous, especially considering I have a fear of heights, but my instructor James really helped to make me feel at ease. I’m so glad that I faced my fears and took on this challenge, it was by far the best experience of my life.”


Tracy Rudling, Community360 CEO:

“I am exceptionally proud of all the individuals that took part in the Sponsored Tandem Skydive, it was a brave challenge to take on and not for the faint hearted. Not only have they faced their fears, they have also managed to raise an impressive amount of money for the Community Chest. It just goes to show the lengths that the Community360 staff and their friends/family will go to help the voluntary and community sector.”


Picture: Fresh from the dive with their certificates proudly in hand.


All of the skydivers will be awarded the title of C360 Champion and invited to an awards ceremony at the Mayor’s Parlour in April to celebrate their achievement.

For more information on the C360 Champion campaign and the other events taking place, visit the Community360 website