CEO Bulletin – Health Economy Changes

CEO Bulletin – Health Economy Changes
14th June 2018 c360admin

Dear Colleague

You will no doubt be aware of the challenges to the health and social care system and the significant pressures that our whole economy has been under, in particular the surge we have seen in the need for our voluntary community services. The grass roots and frontline work is significantly challenged.

With this in mind strategic changes are being implemented, and I have been working with leaders in the North East Essex system to help drive some of those much-needed and desired changes. This Agenda is fast-paced and I wanted to share with you, some of the proposals that will meet those future health economy challenges.

I will be sending out regular monthly bulletins, so keep an eye open and do contact me if you would like something channelled through. This is your opportunity to share some of your thoughts and ideas. In the meantime take a look at these important documents that reflect future work that you will be involved in shaping.




ICS (Integrated Care System)
An Integrated Care System joins up all parts of the health and care system including GPs, hospitals, community care and social care as well as physical and mental health services. People will find it easier to access services, see more joined-up care delivery and staff should find it easier to work with colleagues from other organisations.


STPs (Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships)
The national NHS Planning Guidance published in December 2015 set out a new requirement for the health and care system to form and work as STPs. 44 were created across England, and the local health and care systems were tasked with taking a place-based, holistic approach to the commissioning and provision of health and care services. This means a truly integrated approach, necessitating partners to think and act beyond their organisation boundaries in the planning and spending of the health and social care public pound.


North East Essex Health and Wellbeing Alliance
The North East Essex Health and Wellbeing Alliance is a collaboration of organisations dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the population, committed to working together as an integrated system.
The Alliance will have collective responsibility for the establishing of priorities and the allocation of resources in order to deliver the best possible health, care and support services to the population. In time there is an expectation that the Alliance responsibilities will include control over a single capitated budget for the population.