Braintree District Council Updates

Braintree District Council Updates
7th October 2020 c360admin

One-way route in place for people’s safety

Those visiting Braintree town centre recently will have seen the new fencing installed at the lower end of Bank Street for construction work as part of the pedestrianisation scheme.

Marlborough Highways have introduced a temporary pedestrian one-way route around the fencing to make sure people can still walk through in the safest way possible while construction work is taking place in this area.

If you visit, please do follow the signage. If 2m social distancing is not possible, remember to wear a face covering.

We appreciate it is not ideal, especially during the pandemic and it will cause some short-term disruption, but Marlborough Highways have put this in place so they can ensure safety for everyone during construction.


Reminder about the new Restricted Parking Zone

A new restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) was introduced at Manor Street, Victoria Street and Fairfield Road last month where road users are only permitted to park where there is a designated bay. If there is no designated bay, you should not park. An RPZ has also in place for the full length of Bank Street since early summer.

These zones are very common of town centres and have been introduced as a way of improving the look and feel of the streets as they are considered less intrusive than conventional yellow lines, but also to help control parking in this area. A restricted Parking Zone does not have any double yellow lines, in accordance with Traffic Signs and General Regulations and Directions.

Signage has been displayed for when a road user enters one of the streets since it has been in place.

We appreciate it may take time for people to become familiar with the new arrangements and so since then we have added more signage to help reinforce the new restrictions.