Peter Maddox

What I enjoy about volunteering.

I like to help other people and in this role with Community 360 it is the elderly, sick and disabled people that I have the privilege to help. A lot of these people would have a great deal of issues getting to the Doctors, the hospital, shopping, seeing loved ones in care homes, getting their covid vaccination and possibly never seeing the outside world if it was not for the help and assistance provided by Community 360. It is a joy to see the gratitude displayed by most of the ones we help.


Why do I volunteer.

I have always believed that as we live in a community, we should all input into that community. I have always volunteered in some role or another. I started when I was 15 by volunteering for the then Civil Defence back in the 1960’s. in the 1970’s I was for about 10 years a member of the Territorial and Army volunteer reserve and whilst it was paid, it was a pittance and duties were performed in my free time. Then in the 1980’s I was for 13 years a Special Constable in the Suffolk Constabulary. In the late 1990’s and 2000’s I was a volunteer instructor for the Duke of Edinburgh’s award. As I said I feel we should all contribute to our community and give something to it.


What do I get out of it.

I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I am a fully paid up member of the community, helping where I can and hopefully knowing that in my hour of need someone would be there to help me.