Healthwatch Essex would like to encourage you to complete this survey in order to help them gather feedback and lived experience regarding dermatology (skin) services in North Essex.

The NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB) plans and buys healthcare services for the local population. This function is commonly referred to as ‘commissioning’.

They have asked Healthwatch Essex to explore how they can make improvements. What is working well and what can be improved? Where are the blockages in the system and how can they be opened?

Currently there is a 48 week (around 10 months) wait for a first appointment to see a dermatology specialist at Colchester Hospital (this does not include the cancer pathway processes). Click here to see more information on waiting times.

Are you currently on the waiting list? Were you aware that there was a 48 week wait for an appointment? Have you looked at alternative options like private health care etc? Has your condition worsened while waiting for your appointment? Has this affected your emotional/mental health? Did you have a dermatology appointment during the pandemic? Was this face to face or via the telephone? Was your condition dealt with or were you re-referred?

Local residents have a big role to play in the operation of the ICB. They rely on the experiences and perspectives of our communities to help shape their decision-making. Your experience of the system can give vital, real-life insight – and can help make a difference.

This survey is entirely anonymous – though your answers may be shared, Helthwatch will not know the identity of the author.

If you would like support in completing this survey or would like it in a different format please contact the Healthwatch Essex Information & Guidance Team on 0300 500 1895 or at

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Consultation Closes 15th March 2023