Governance Round-Up April 2023

Spring is in the air, and for charity leaders that means the next phase of the Charities Act 2022. Senior governance consultant Sally Stephens explains the upcoming changes.

Charities Act 2022 implementation

In February last year the Charities Act 2022 was passed. The first phase of implementation started in October 2022, and the next phase begins this spring.

Key changes coming into force soon include the following.

Changes to the sale, leasing, or other disposal of land. It will become easier to dispose of charity land as a wider range of people will be able to advise trustees. The requirements when a charity sells, leases or otherwise disposes of land to another charity will also be made clearer.

New statutory powers will come into effect for charities with a permanent endowment. These powers will change how charities can spend or borrow against their endowment without needing to seek Charity Commission authority. A new power also allows certain charities to make social investments with their permanent endowment, even if there may be a negative or uncertain return.

The Commission will gain powers to stop charities using names that are too similar to other organisations or are offensive or misleading. They may delay the registration of these organisations. They can also apply this power to exempt charities in discussion with other regulators.

The definition of ‘connected persons’ will also be updated and clarified.

Read the Charities Act 2022 implementation plan

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New Role to Support Small Charity Week and Update on the FSI Legacy Work…

Following on from the announcement The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) is closing, we’ve worked closely with their board on two next steps.

We’re co-ordinating a two-hour stakeholder session on 20 April at 14:00 with The FSI to explore how we can best ensure the organisation’s legacy of small charity support lives on. The session will be chaired by the co-chairs of the new Small Charity Advisory Panel. Everyone who has already expressed an interest will receive an invitation shortly. You can book your free place for the session.

We’re also looking at how we can support the delivery of a successful Small Charity Week this 19 to 23 June 2023. We want to ensure we shout about all the great work being delivered by small organisations in communities across the country.

We’re delighted Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales are supporting Small Charity Week and funding two short term roles to support its delivery. These two roles – campaign project manager and campaign project officer – are open to applications as secondment opportunities or as a freelance assignment. For more information about the roles please email

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