Community360, in partnership with Provide Essex Wellbeing Service, runs community weigh-ins every Tuesday between 10.30am – 1pm, where people can be weighed weekly and receive support from staff.

We caught up with Trudy who has been attending the service since June 2022.

“I have been attending My Weight Matters for about 6 months now, having been told about this service from my local GP in Hatfield Peverel.

I had been attending the gym and was swimming regularly for about 6months but there was no weight loss. I had been struggling on and off for years and

I started to feel sad and depressed about the lack of weight loss.  Because I was on and off oral steroids I wondered if this could be a contributing factor. Anyway, I decided to join My Weight Matters.

When I first went, I was nervous but there were a lot of newbies, so we all chatted at the beginning, and this made me feel at ease. Both Kim and Jo from Community360 were very welcoming and explained everything clearly.

I thought at first it was going to be like a slimming world but it’s far from that, they are understanding and always very welcoming. I have continued going to the gym at Witham. I enjoy going as it makes me feel good about myself, I still don’t like looking at myself but when the ladies say they can see the difference that makes you feel great!

I have continued to go to My Weight Matters even though my weight loss is slow, I can get weighed, you can have a quick chat with Jo or Kim and be on your way but always feeling reassured and not a failure.

I think it’s important for me to continue to go as its all too easy to slip back into old ways.

Give it a go, I have really benefited from the support.



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The Hub hosts many different social groups throughout the week, including a Monday morning friendship group, a board games group, men’s and women’s groups, a variety of textiles activities and more.

Anyone is welcome to drop-in for advice and signposting and practical support such as winter packs and slippers for those at risk of falls. The Hub also has a variety of spaces available for groups and organisations to hire.