As part of Mental Health Awareness Week the Suffolk and North East Essex ICB are holding a series of webinars.
Community360’s Shawn Leek, Helen Clegg and Katie Parker will be speaking about reconnecting with nature, the role of social prescribing and dementia and mental health.


The Topic of the Week: Anxiety and Mental Health

The Mental Health Foundation’s topic in focus is anxiety. In this session, Paul Firth, a Wellbeing Project Manager in the Health and Wellbeing Team, will look at the causes of anxiety in the workplace and effective coping strategies to alleviate its impact. JOIN HERE


The Menopause and Mental Health: It Isn’t Just Hot Flushes

Anxiety is one of many symptoms associated with the Menopause. In this session, Debs Crelly, the Strategic Lead in the Health and Wellbeing Team, will explore this symptom in terms of its  impact and ways it can be managed. JOIN HERE

Mental Health: The Gardening In Mind Project

Many individuals cite gardening as a way to boost wellbeing. In this session, Susannah Robirosa, a Fundraising and Development Manager for ActivLives, will talk about the Gardening In Mind Project and the success that it has had on the mental health of its attendees. JOIN HERE

Physical Activity and Mental Health

There is a positive relationship between physical activity and mental health. In this session, Leeni Sepp, a Physical Activity and Partnership Officer at Colchester City Council will discuss 4 aspects including research, physiology, signposting and the benefits of physical activity on mental health.   JOIN HERE

Kindness and Mental Health

Kindness is a two way street. In this session, Paul Firth, a Wellbeing Project Manager in the Health and Wellbeing Team, will discuss how an act of kindness has an impact on the mental health not only of the beneficiary but also on the giver, with an emphasis on the workplace.  JOIN HERE

Dementia and Mental Health

Dementia is an umbrella term for a range of progressive conditions that affect the brain. In this session, Helen Clegg, an Engagement Officer with Community 360, will examine mental health from the perspective of all those living with the condition and the Dementia Café project.  JOIN HERE

Nature Walks and Mental Health

Reconnecting with nature and its power to boost wellbeing has received increased interest recently. In this session, Shawn Leek, an Engagement Officer with Community 360, will detail the impact that his guided nature walks have on the mental health of the attendees and how you can become involved. JOIN HERE

Bereavement and Mental Health

The death of a loved one is a life changing event that negatively impacts our mental health. In this session, Lucy Summerscales, a Counsellor at St. Helena Hospice, will talk about the work that the Bereavement Service at the Hospice provide to aid individuals through the process of grieving.  JOIN HERE

Mental Health: The Role of Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing was introduced into the NHS in 2019 to support individuals to find extra support outside of NHS services. In this session, Katie Parker, Strategic Head of Programmes at Community 360, will talk through the concept of social prescribing and how it improves mental health, as well as introducing the My Social Prescription Scheme.  JOIN HERE