Long COVID is a fairly new condition and clinicians are learning more about it all the time. However, they have already developed successful ways of managing it and helping people to live with and overcome many of the symptoms associated with the condition.

Symptoms of Long COVID can include fatigue, brain fog, breathlessness, loss of taste, muscle and joint pain and palpitations among others.

A patient is considered as possibly having Long COVID if these symptoms last for more than 12 weeks after a positive COVID-19 test or after a suspected infection with the virus.

You do not need to have had a positive COVID-19 test to be referred into the Suffolk and North East Essex Long Covid Assessment Service where you will receive support to improve your symptoms and your quality of life.

What should I do if I think I have Long COVID?

If you think you have Long COVID, call your GP surgery. Tell the receptionist you think you may have Long COVID. Explain your symptoms fully and say how long you have had them.

The receptionist will make an appointment for you with a clinician at the surgery, which may be by telephone, video or face-to-face.

The clinician may look at your general health and ask you to have some tests before referring you to the Long COVID Assessment Service.

These tests are to see if other conditions might be making you feel the way you are.


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