The health and care system is seeking input on its draft Joint Forward Plan, and would like your help.

This plan will set out how the Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System will aim to deliver its services over the next five years, to best meet the physical and mental wellbeing needs of local people. For this plan to be truly effective it is important that feedback and input from local people, staff, communities and partner organisations is included. This will ensure it reflects what is important to those who live and work in our area.

The plan has six main themes – Start well, feel well, be well, stay well, age well, die well – and people can either give input on the whole plan or the area most pertinent to them.

Start Well    –   Giving children and young people the best start in life. Start Well | Lets Talk SNEE

Feel Well      –   Supporting the mental wellbeing of our population. Feel Well | Lets Talk SNEE

Be Well         –   Empowering adults to make healthy lifestyle choices. Be Well | Lets Talk SNEE

Stay Well     –    Supporting adults with health or care concerns to access support and maintain healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives. Stay Well | Lets Talk SNEE

Age Well       –   Supporting people to live safely and independently as they grow older. Age Well | Lets Talk SNEE

Die Well       –    Giving individuals, nearing end of life, choice around their care Die Well | Lets Talk SNEE

From now until February 22, they are asking people to read the plan and give their views via our Let’s Talk website Joint Forward Plan | Lets Talk SNEE or to come along to one of the in-person events where they’ll have a chance to talk about the plan and share their ideas.