FaNs (Friends and Neighbours) exists to keep older people in Essex Care homes involved and connected to their wider community. FaNs have been lucky enough to secure funding from the National Lottery to work with care homes in the Maldon Area. They will soon be rolling out their Wishing Washing Line both online, and hopefully with a physical board in a local supermarket (or similar) where you will be able to find a host of ‘wishes’ from local care home residents. Care home staff will chat with residents to identify wishes, EG: perhaps they would like to play a game of chess regularly, or go to a concert. The wishes will then be displayed physically and virtually and willing ‘FaNs’ can contact care homes directly to arrange to grant the wishes which are of interest to them. This increases the likelihood of sustainability; the wish granter forming a relationship with the resident over a shared interest and hopefully a longer term bond will be formed.

Please keep an eye on the FaNs Facebook page and website to see if you are able to grant any wishes.

Additionally if you have a therapy pet you would be able to take for visits to a local home, get in touch. Perhaps you are a musician who would like to offer some free time for a short performance, or perhaps you would just like to read or chat with a resident .FaNs would love to hear from you or if you feel you can help in some other way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via

You can learn more here