The National Youth Agency is passionate about the right of every young person to be able to access the personal, social, and educational development opportunities provided by youth work. As the professional, statutory and regulatory body for youth work in England and with support from the Department for Culture, Media and Support, they conduct an annual National Youth Sector Census to create an accurate understanding of youth sector provision. This helps to inform policy making, commissioning and funding for youth work. By completing the Census:


  • It increases organisations’ visibility to Government, commissioners and prospective partners who might benefit from their expertise / services
  • It helps to demonstrate a local need for provision and help to get more funding flowing into organisations’ area and supports our work to build the national case for investment in youth work
  • By completing the Census, organisations gain access Youth Work One.
  • An interactive digital map of current youth work provision which allows you understand the picture of youth work provision in your area
  • It only takes 15 minutes to complete

The NYA needs your help to ensure that everyone who delivers youth work has an opportunity to complete the Census and provide a clearer picture of where youth work is taking place and how it is funded.

More information on the Census can be found here: