The Suffolk and North-East Essex ICS is partnering with HSBC to deliver valuable cost of living support sessions from September to November. These sessions will be conducted virtually over Microsoft Teams and last either 45 or 60 minutes. As an added benefit, attendees will be eligible for a complimentary HSBC financial health check. These webinars are entirely focused on providing support and advice, and they do not mention any HSBC products or services.

To register for a session, please email Once you have booked onto a session, please place a hold in your diary as links for the sessions will be sent out a week in advance. You can sign up to as many sessions as you like.


Would you like to feel in control and understand the steps you need to take to feel confident about your family finances? Organising the family finances can often seem complicated. Our ‘My Family’ presentation explores ways of making your money work harder for your family. We give straightforward ways that could reduce your spending, increase your income and how to have conversations with your family about money.


Would you like to feel more confident in how reach your goals by saving? Knowing where to start when you want to save money can feel daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. With a few small changes to the way you manage your money, you can create a clear path forward to get where you want to be. It is important to look at your goals, consider inflation within your plans, and know the different options available to you.


Would you like to feel more confident in how to make the most of your money by budgeting? One of the key ways to take control and manage your Financial Health is creating a budget. Budgeting can help you to create a spending plan for your money so that your money could work harder for you and that you stay on the right track to reaching your financial goals.


Would you like to find our more on managing debt to help you be financially fit? Dealing with money issues can sometimes be off-putting, and feeling overwhelming, but if you don’t know how and where to get support, you could end up losing out financially, this presentation signpost support services and information to help you get back on track.


If you are worried about the rising cost of living, including higher energy, food and petrol prices, our presentation can help you create a budget, provide tips on how to save money and where you can access help and support.


Would you like to feel in control and understand the steps you could take to feel confident about your finances and make the most of your money? Managing your money can sometimes prove challenging and for many it’s a case of knowing where to start. Our ‘Making the Most of Your Money’ presentation educates and explores ways that could make the most of your everyday finances.