This Stay Well domain is the fourth in a series of reports published as companions to the North East Essex Community Assets Map. The reports, commissioned by the North East Essex Health and Wellbeing Alliance, aim to highlight the strength of the community through the numerous assets found across our six neighbourhoods in Tendring and Colchester.

The North East Essex Health and Wellbeing Alliance is committed to working within an ABCD approach ensuring work is done with, and not to, local people. Assets, as defined by the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) model, can be individuals, associations, institutions, places and spaces and connections. By understanding the Assets, local commissioners are better placed to support community organisations, build partnerships and consider funding options and community and voluntary sector organisations are better placed to grow their support to local people.

Consequently, understanding the strength and resilience of these Assets, as well as acknowledging those areas requiring support or help with sustainability, is fundamental to achieve the shared objective – to work together to help everyone live well locally.

This report follows the ‘Right Care, Right Time, Right Place’  principles and considers key drivers and influences on people who are living with long-term conditions or awaiting hospital treatment.

Work to underpin this report found a range of issues which are highlighted within. The need to improve communication, information, and language to support people to be able to take better care of themselves including more support to help people to adjust to living in a more digital world. The need to involve and support carers and other peer led groups and more generally a need to increase awareness of community assets and how to access them.

Read the full report here: Community Asset Mapping Stay Well Report