With the final days of 2023 fast approaching and as the year comes to an end, it allows us an opportunity to reflect on the kindness and generosity we have seen within our communities the past year. As an organisation we have achieved some amazing things with the support of our staff, volunteers, trustees and funders.

At Christmas time especially, although we all know our work throughout the year is equally important, it is truly heartening to know that there are so many people within our community who are giving their time and energy to help others and to make where we live a better place.

We collectively will be playing our part as a system partner along with multiple other colleagues should our community require any support over the festive period.

This year there will be more people enduring financial hardship than we have seen in decades. Some will be worried about heating their homes, surviving, without thinking about buying Christmas presents or even finding the funds for the essentials let alone a Turkey.

The gift of time is often underestimated, but is so valuable, so please spare a thought for those who may be struggling with loneliness, mobility and with finances, It could be just checking on an elderly neighbour or inviting someone who is on their own into your home for a warm drink and a chat is all that is needed to make someone’s day.

From us all here at Community360 I would like to wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas, to thank you all for your support during the year and look forward to a positive new year in 2024.

Tracy Rudling