Whilst children and young people are on their school holidays, we want to try and keep their brains active and encourage that curiosity to keep learning and trying new things.  Why not encourage your child/young person to try some of the following activities:

Memory Game

Place some items onto a tray.  Leave the tray in front of the child/ren for a set time and then cover up the tray using a cloth.  The child/ren are then given a set time to write down all of the objects that were on the tray using their memory.  Extension activity: You can remove an item from the tray and see who guesses first the item that is missing.

Spot the Difference https://www.safekidgames.com/spot-the-difference/

Guess the object

Take a cardboard box and cut a hole into one side (large enough to get a hand and arm into).  Put an object into a box without anyone seeing what it is and then close the lid. The person guessing then has to put their hand into the box and try to guess what the object is.  You can either use a cardboard box and cut a hole, or you can use a blind fold.

Online Brain Games https://www.mentalup.co/brain-games

Scavenger Hunt

Prepare a list of items that are in and around your house for the children to go and find.


The first player chooses an object that everyone can see (without telling them).  They tell everyone the first letter that the object begins with by saying ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…’. Each player takes a turn in guessing what that object is.  The person who chooses correctly, chooses the next object.

Pretend Play

Create a list of scenarios that the children can act out or make up stories around.  You could also include a box of props to help engage their creative minds!