Black History Month

Black History Month
29th September 2021 c360admin

Community360 is proud to support Black History Month, a programme of events organized by Lawrence Walker and in partnership with Essex Cultural Diversity Project, celebrating Black art and culture.

Throughout October artwork will be displayed at the Colchester One Hub for Colchester residents to view and a number of events will take place both within the Hub and in venues in and around Colchester and Tendring

Lawrence Walker explains:

The theme for Black History Month Colchester 2021 is “CELEBRATE!” After the year that we’ve just had, we need a little more to be joyful about.


Celebrating the accomplishments and the achievements of Black Men and Women in the United Kingdom, let’s Acknowledge and raise a greater awareness of the achievements of Black Men and Women in the celebration of the year of Science and Technology.


The explosion of Black History Month Colchester begins again this OCTOCBER.

A series of events and activities for all, young people and adults throughout the 31 days of October. Let’s not forget, Black History Month is EVERY Month!

Click here to events for 2021


In the month of September Black History Month Colchester will set up shop in the Colchester Community Hub on Long Wyre Street, Colchester for a prelude to our October celebrations.


Our project will begin with tabletop displays and exhibitions of Arts and Crafts and a series of programs and activities for young people and adults throughout the month of October.


We are inviting all our communities and community groups to join us on 2nd of October at Firstsite Museum, who are hosting Black History Month Colchester 2021, a day of celebrations and entertainment by the amazing reggae performance of FREEDOM SOUNDS and full catering by S&S Caribbean Restaurant.



All Food will be available on request at no cost to participates, stall holders, organisers and guest. ENJOY!


Demonstrations of cultural dances and fashions of the Caribbean and Africa. Information kiosks tabletop displays and sales stalls to promote local small businesses and entrepreneurs.


A Children’s Fun Fair, Bouncy Castles, the MONSTER TRUCK and other soft play activities for our young people.


Presentations of Black History Month events and activities for the month of October and open talks of a greater vision of fairness and racial equality in our communities.