Aspen Card Transition

Aspen Card Transition
13th May 2021 c360admin

Asylum Support Payments (ASP) Project Update

The Asylum Support Payments (ASP) project will soon be introducing a new payment card for service users (SUs). The new card will function in a similar way to the current card (whilst maintaining the same name), however its colour and provider will differ.

The new Aspen card will be dispatched out to SUs from 10th May, ready for funds to be switched over and cards to be used for the first time on Monday 24th May 2021. These will be distributed by our service provider, Prepaid Financial Services (PFS).


Please find attached a poster created for SUs to outline and reinforce the message that SUs need to prepare for the blackout period by withdrawing cash and/or making necessary purchases prior to 5pm on Friday 21st May when their green Aspen cards will be deactivated.

It is key that SUs prepare for the service disruption from 5pm Friday 21st May – 9am Monday 24th May. This is for a number of reasons but principally this serves as good preparation in reducing the likelihood of ECPs being needed.


The visuals below should help where language might be a barrier and it should also bolster accommodation staff’s response to any questions that SUs might have on the ground in IA/Contingency accommodation especially which will serve to further support SUs during the transition.

SU Aspen Service Disruption Poster

ASP Transition Information Pack

FAQ Asylum Support Payments Project