Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF)

Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF)
29th April 2021 c360admin

The AHF believes that better places can be built through community enterprise. Historic buildings and places play an essential role in our everyday lives, our cultural identity and our economy. Our historic environment can inspire creativity and enterprise, it brings communities together, and it makes people happier about where they live. For 40 years, AHF have been supporting people achieve viable community-led solutions for the re-use of historic buildings at risk.

Over the next three years the AHF’s strategic aims will be to:

Aim One
Generate and distribute increased levels of investment and funding to support the sustainable reuse of historic buildings.

Aim Two
Support community-led heritage regeneration by assisting charities and social enterprises to take ownership of, develop and sustain new uses for historic buildings.

Aim Three
Increase the effectiveness and impact of the AHF, ensuring we continue to deliver value for funders and the organisations and projects we invest in.

Aim Four
Promote the impact and benefits of community-led regeneration and ownership of historic buildings, to Government, communities and funders

AHF strongly advise applicants to discuss their project with their local Support Officer before applying to ensure they can meet your needs.  Contact details are available through the website here.

Closing date 30.4.21