ACL Free Sociology Workshops

ACL Free Sociology Workshops
1st July 2020 c360admin

ACL are offering a range of Sociology workshops where you can explore different subjects and learn something new.

· Coffee, From Bean to Cup? Why do you drink coffee? Is it for that extra burst of energy in the morning? Or maybe it’s for something to sip over a chat with friends. Whatever the reason, the way that coffee is produced and consumed is not the same for everyone across the world.

· Food and Eating Have you ever stopped to wonder why people eat with a fork? Every human around the world needs to eat to survive, but what we eat and the way we eat it couldn’t be more different. We will uncover how cooking and food preparation became the cultural revolution that made us human.

· Photography, The Art of Looking  There was a time when a quick snap wasn’t as easy as it may first seem. You had to get your hands dirty, in the dark. We’ve moved on from the highly skilled chemical art of developing a photograph. But how did we get here and who was left behind along the way? We live in a world defined by filters and Instagram posts.

· The Gender Pay Gap  The pay gap between men and women has been a contentious debate in recent years. It is often thought that once women received equal pay for equal work this would mark the end of pay discrimination based on gender. The reality is, that the gender pay gap is quite different depending on how it is measured

Join the team for a jam-packed week of fun activities for all the family! Simply visit their website, choose a day you would like to enrol on and you will be sent you a welcome pack. All work-shops are online and FREE!

There are a variety of workshops each day for different age groups – from primary school to leaving secondary education. Subjects covered include: Arts, Maths, Employability, Wellbeing, Nutrition, First Aid, building relationships, and many more.

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