A new way of working for ACE

A new way of working for ACE
26th March 2020 c360admin

As of today, we are changing the way we are working.  In light of the coronavirus and the latest guidance, especially around social distancing, all our face to face clinics and consultations are under review.

Any patient who is due to have a face to face appointment should not attend and instead will receive a telephone call from the team.  The team will assess the needs of the patient on an individual basis and will work with them to provide the most suitable outcome.  This might be a phone consultation, video links, online resources and in some instances it will be a face to face visit.

Jayne Hiley, Director of Operations explains: “We are introducing whatever measures we can to ensure the safety of both our patients and staff.  In addition, we are also trying to free up capacity both in terms of staffing and community beds so that we are able to respond to the increased demand in the coming weeks and months.

“So far patients have been very understanding and are keen to help us to help them in these difficult times.

“If I can just reiterate that ACE staff will be contacting patients who have a scheduled appointment; patients do not need to call us.”

The ACE website and social media channels will be updated as and when there is new information.