£4000 Donation Received from the Friends of Braintree Community Hospital

£4000 Donation Received from the Friends of Braintree Community Hospital
16th September 2019 c360admin

Friends of Braintree Community Hospital Donate to Campaign to Help Prevent Falls

Community360 has recently received £4000 of funding from the Friends of Braintree Community Hospital to expand their slipper exchange project.

The slipper exchange project aims to identify people who are at risk of falls.  Community360 provides a free new pair of anti-slip slippers, as a precaution to prevent falls in older people.

Phil Rawlinson from Community360 said: “Old slippers have been proven to contribute to falls in older people. We know that there are many patients who had been admitted following falls so our scheme to try to prevent this was something the Friends of Braintree Community Hospital wanted to invest in, which we are extremely grateful for.”

Pamela Maskell, from the Friends of Braintree Community Hospital said:  “Tristan Easey came to talk to the Trustees at one of our meetings and told us all about the work that Community360 did and also about their slipper exchange and the need for funding.”

She added:  “We thought this was a much-needed project and the funding was granted as a number of the Trustees had experience visiting Courtauld Ward when it was used for assessing and rehabilitating elderly people, with falls being a huge contributor for their admittance.”

“The impact of a fall on an older person tends to be significant, it’ll take longer for them to recover and heal, and the injuries they sustain impact upon their bodies severely – this is why it’s so important to take preventative measures at home to reduce your risk of falling.” said Phil.

The slipper exchange project is and will continue to be a much-needed project in the Colchester and Braintree areas.”

The Friends of Braintree Community Hospital consist of sixty-four volunteers who undertake a variety of tasks around the Hospital. It is a fairly new hospital with an excellent reputation, and much loved by patients and staff alike.

A Committee of Trustees are pro-active in looking after the interests of the local community with regard to future planning.  Volunteers run the Hospital Shop, chat to the patients and assist at the Outpatients Reception and Tissue Viability unit.

In seven years they have donated £80,000 and helped a variety of causes, including swimming lessons and a sensory room for Mencap,  a state of the art first aid training mannequin for the Essex Air Ambulance, a mobile Chest Compressor and Ventilator for B.E.A.R.S. the rapid response team, a much needed hoist for the Tabor Centre as well as supplying several Defibrillators in local schools and Community centres.

“We are happy to support charities that are local to the Braintree area with funding for items that are health related in some way.” said Pam.

“We look forward to handing out some new lovely slippers to the patients at the hospital soon.”



Photo Shows: Phil Rawlinson Community360 left with the Friends of Braintree Community Hospital