15th October 2020 c360admin

#CharitySoWhite: a survey for the sector

#CharitySoWhite – a campaign that grew out of people sharing their experiences of institutional racism in the voluntary sector – has launched two surveys in an attempt to overhaul their approach to tackling racism in the sector.

The aim is to build a better understanding of the sector as a whole, and those working towards creating a more equal and anti-racist sector.

The two surveys can be viewed here. One is a survey for people who experience racism (BAME) and the other is for those who identify as white allies.

The deadline for completing the survey(s) is 26 October.

Feminist leadership

Webinar: 10am, 23 October 2020

This online training introduces feminism, intersectionality and power through a combination of theory and exercises where the participants will get an opportunity to discuss and explore different concepts and terms.

This webinar is part of a special programme of training and support offered to small voluntary organisations (turnover less than £1.5m) that are set up to provide gender-specific services to women, including those affected by the criminal justice system.

Click here to check your eligibility and to register.


Steady on your feet

‘Steady on Your Feet’ is a campaign led by the NHS and local authorities to help increase confidence and reduce the risk of falls.

Their advice, guidance and resources are designed for anyone worried about feeling unsteady on their feet. They aim to equip people with simple tips to stay active, independent and safe during everyday activities.

Click here to visit the website and see their resources.

2020 Newton Charity Investment Survey

Newton Investment Management has published the findings from its annual Charity Investment Survey.

The findings cover topics such as the implications of the coronavirus pandemic for the activities, administration and fundraising abilities of charities, how environmental, social and governance issues have affected charities and their investment strategies and the progress towards greater diversity among charity trustee boards.

Click here to read the report.