Good Gym in the East

Good Gym in the East
15th June 2017 c360admin

A message from Angela at Goodgym

As the evenings are nice and long, we’re loving outdoor tasks at the moment.  Maybe there is something on your premises, or somewhere that a bunch of eager runners could help you with?

We run on a Wednesday evening from Leisure world, so the task needs to be within 3 miles of leisureworld, and something that would take 20 people about 20 minutes.  Do let me know if you have anything appropriate and we can get the dates booked in, and do a more formal preparation as the date get’s closer.

Goodgym Ipswich Launching Soon

We are also opening a new Goodgym soon – if everything goes to plan, it will be next month.  The most difficult thing about setting up a new Goodgym area is finding appropriate tasks, as a lot of people don’t know quite what we do.  I’m here to support the Goodgym Ipswich Trainer, and I would like you to help too.  Do you have contacts in Ipswich who might be able to provide tasks?  Maybe its an organisation like yours, maybe its just someone you know who runs a charity, or works for a school.  If you know someone, please pass on their details to me, so that the Goodgym Ipswich Trainer can hit the ground running with getting the area launched.

In Summary

1) Do you have any tasks for Goodgym Colchester (from mid-July onwards)

2) Do you know anyone who may provide tasks for Goodgym Ipswich?



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