Compact Principles

Compact Principles
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The Compact is a voluntary agreement that aims to foster strong, effective partnerships between public bodies and voluntary organisations.   Most areas have a local Compact which covers partnerships between voluntary organisations and local public bodies such as councils, police and fire services and health commissioners.  The compact is designed to be beneficial to both sectors and to establish a framework for good partnership working.

In April this year Braintree District Voluntary Support Agency and Colchester Community Voluntary Services merged to create Community360. Following this it was felt it would be an opportune time to revisit some of the existing structures and documents that are in place to aid our joint working.

One such document is the Braintree District Local Compact. It was first created in 2006 and reviewed in 2011. It sets out the expectations of the voluntary and community sector and the statutory sector in the District when working with each other. We have now revisited the Local Compact and are seeking to agree a framework of principles that will underpin and support our collaborations rather than provide a prescriptive text which is not relevant to our current working arrangements.

Braintree District Council is pleased to be working with Community360 to ensure we continue to operate with shared values and work in a way that best serves our communities.

This consultation offers you the chance to contribute to a simplified approach and we would invite you to help shape this document which reinforces the commitment across the sectors.






Councillor Peter Tattersley

Cabinet Member, Health and Communities







Tracy Rudling

Chief Executive Officer, Community360


Braintree Compact Principles

Compact Questionnaire